Following a concerted effort, I migrated all content from my old site to this one, and dropped the old one. It hadn’t been updated in 7 years, so it was long past time to nuke it.


I’m a long time player and dungeon master for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) and more recently a player in D&D 5th edition and Evil Hat Production’s Monster of the Week RPG. I’m also the Chief Editor for the & Publishing Group’s magazine, & Magazine, a free D&D magazine. While the magazine is no longer in production, our back issues are available on the web site.

On this site I am publishing AD&D materials, most of which I have written. Some material is authored by others, and some is courtesy reprints of out-of-print materials.

Note: I publish under Fair Use, not the Open Gaming License (OGL). I avoid violating copyright and the intellectual property (IP) of others. If you see anything violates copyright, please drop me a line (see the Contact Page) and let me know. I will review the matter as quickly as possible.

Recent Site Updates

July 2021

The migration of content from my old AD&D site to this one is completed, and the old site has been dropped.

January 2020

My original D&D site was published in 1999 and I started to develop a WordPress-based replacement in 2014. I have not updated either site since then (yeah, 6 years!), mostly due to a lack of time while working for the & Publishing Group. After Christmas I decided to revitalize things, and this version of the site was born.

(much) Less Recent Site Updates

May 2013

Last month I posted the Giants of Tharizdun campaign journal. This month I posted the Hall of the Clerics of Tharizdun campaign journal.

April 2013

Amazing as it seems, it’s been nearly two years since I updated my site.

Not that I haven’t been busy. In this time I’ve taken on the publication of Len Lakofka’s L5 – The Town of Kroten, editing an English translation of The Manual of Golems, started on several side projects, and in conjunction with some other fine folks formed the & Publishing Group. So I have certainly been busy!

Among other side projects I write a fictionalized campaign journal for my campaign, posting it on Dragonsfoot. I am in the process of posting a revised version here on my site, see Campaign Journals in the menu.

August 2011

Updated the monsters to OSRIC format. I made the decision a while ago to go in this direction and am finally implementing it.

Note: My format for monsters isn’t 100% OSRIC. I’m using OSRIC headings (including British English spellings) but have adopted an organization of the text based upon AD&D 2E. I like monsters with lots of details, as it saves having to make something up in a crunch. But like anything else it can be changed when desired. Also, I won’t guarantee that my text has all British spelling.

FINALLY put the magic user spells levels 5-9 online!

March 2011

Updated the article Clerics Turning Undead to add table U5 Part III, which extends the cleric levels to 30.

November 2008

After ignoring my AD&D site for months I’ve beat on it a bit the past few days. One major change was to re-organize the existing pages into the same format as my supplements.

Some years back I organized my house rules into 4 manuals: Campaign Manual, DMG Supplement, PH Supplement, and MM Supplement. When I started posting things to my site I did things haphazardly. In looking things over I realized that my manual organization made the most sense, so I’m going with what works. Following are the changes I made:

Campaign Manual:

  • Renamed menu entry from World of Trivana to Campaign Manual.
  • Added Introduction page.
  • Added Deities page.

Dungeon Masters Guide Supplement

  • Renamed DMG Information to DMG Supplement.
  • Moved Character Generation page to PH Supplement section.
  • Added Attack Table page.
  • Added Critical Hits, Fumbles, & Unarmed Combat page.
  • Added Saving Throw Table page.

Monster Manual Supplement

  • Renamed New Monsters to Monster Manual Supplement.

Players Handbook Supplement

  • Created new menu section Players Handbook Supplement.
  • Moved New Spells under Players Handbook Supplement.
  • Added Weapon Specialization page.

Other Sections

  • Moved sections Articles and Adventures Modules to the bottom of the menu.

I updated the D&D history page, cleaning up some of the descriptions based upon more recent knowledge, adding D&D 4, and adding the freeware games based upon the original TSR/WotC versions.

At the end of the month I *finally* posted my 4th level MU spells page.

April 2008

In the move to my own domain on a paid web host I broke my site sections up each into separate sites. During that process I added News and Links pages, but have not published any “real” content since October 2007. But that should change in the next few weeks.

Copyright 1983-2021 Bryan Fazekas

I retain the copyright for all original materials published on my web site. This includes Trivana related materials and any original articles that I authored.

I give permission for use of all writings in the AD&D section of this site for personal, non-commercial use. No one is allowed to republish any documents or use it in any way for gain. Don’t copy my materials, but feel free to link to my site.

Questions regarding use of this material can be sent to me — I’ll cheerfully answer all questions.

Any non-original materials published here, such as reprints of tables from the DMG, are not copyrighted (well, not by me). Anything not my work will be noted as such. If there are questions regarding my right to publish such materials, please contact me. If I discover I’m in violation of anyone else’s copyright I’ll withdraw the material immediately.

This page last updated: 29 July 2021