Campaign World

This items in this menu regard my campaign worlds, which include Trivana and Shahrivar. These posts are informational regarding the worlds and generally do not contain changes to AD&D game mechanics.

The posts are divided into these areas:

World Overview — These posts include an overview of the entire world, plus my D&D background.

Sages — These posts are the writings of sages of antiquity. I used this as a mechanism to provide players of my early campaigns with views into the history of the campaign worlds. Keep in mind that what is written and what is accurate are not necessarily the same things.

Gendin’s Journal — Gendin, son of Arissa and Temone of the dwarven Clan Gilderlo, is a major figure in the campaign worlds. His journal provides a “modern” view into important aspects of the world.

Non-Player Characters — These posts include both individuals (mortal and not) and organizations.

Deities — I developed two large, competing pantheons of human gods. These gods are detailed in numerous posts.