Monthly Archive: May 2021

Council of Rendelshod – Greymen 0

Council of Rendelshod – Greymen

The Council of Rendelshod was composed of the characters from my original campaign, with my co-DM (my brother Kevin). While that campaign ended in 1986 (or so) the characters live on in my campaign...

The Reavers – Chaos Gargoyle 0

The Reavers – Chaos Gargoyle

The Company from Kerr is the name the Eric and Patrick’s AD&D characters was called in the land of Shahrivar. Originally the group was Jake, David, Bisonbit, and the dwarven cleric Gilden. Later they...

The Reavers – Oni Nobles 0

The Reavers – Oni Nobles

I included a female oni as a prisoner in an adventure, held by evil giants. The idea was to see what Eric and Patrick would do with her. To my surprise they freed her...