Category: Artifacts

very special, very powerful magic items that are singular items

Sword and Star of Kold-Robi 0

Sword and Star of Kold-Robi

Author’s Note: I had planned the Sword & Star as an artifact for Susafras, my brother’s Elven fighter/mage. Again, I can’t remember the details, but if I recall correctly I realized the combination proved...

Cleavers of Epixenie 0

Cleavers of Epixenie

Author’s Note: The Castle Rendelshod and the Lords of Rendelshod are key items in the history of Trivana. They were the protectors of law and order across Trivana for nearly a thousand years. Their...

Rod of Seven Parts 0

Rod of Seven Parts

Author’s Note: The search for the Rod of Seven Parts kept my first campaign VERY busy for about 6 months real time. Originally, I planned to let one of the characters keep it, but...

Artifacts & Relics 0

Artifacts & Relics

Artifacts & Relics are special magic items with powers beyond that of typical enchanted objects. Typically they are singular items, although in a few cases the artifacts were produced in sets. Artifacts & Relics...