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The writings of various sages, which describe and/or explain many historical events in the world.

Writings of Other Sages 0

Writings of Other Sages

Following are other accounts written by lesser known or completely unknown sages. Panamon Creel Panamon Creel was born in the year 7866 ASNK, into a family of great prestige and hone, but little wealth...

Writings of the Archmage Kold-Robi 0

Writings of the Archmage Kold-Robi

Author’s Note: This pastiche was written regarding Gilmedya, one of the most powerful nycadaemons alive. I later restyled her as a shaxadaemon, as I replaced the daemons that Wizards of the Coast excluded from...

Writings of the Archmage Ignatz 0

Writings of the Archmage Ignatz

Author’s Note: I wrote this during a fit of creativity, planning to use the Demonomicon as the focus for several adventures. I didn’t go through with that plan, although I don’t remember why not....

Galafid’s Writings of Rendelshod 0

Galafid’s Writings of Rendelshod

These pastiches were intended to give our group a feeling for the history of the First War of the Gods, also called the Wars of Rendelshod and the Sack of the Northern Kingdoms. Using...

Writings of Galafid 0

Writings of Galafid

Author’s Note: The writing of Galafid were originally conceived for the background for my series of adventures involving the search for the Rod of Seven Parts. I scrapped the original background and used a...