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Glarck’s Remote Spell Books 0

Glarck’s Remote Spell Books

Glarck’s Remote Spell Books by Bryan Fazekas, published in Footprints One of a traveling magic-user’s greatest difficulties is carrying spell books. By their nature spell books are heavy, and magic-users of any significant experience...

Glarck’s Printing Press 0

Glarck’s Printing Press

Glarck’s Printing Press by Bryan Fazekas, published in Footprints The Archmage Glarck, who for centuries ran the famous wizard’s college that still carries his name, realized early in his career that the main limitations...

Giant’s Snowballs 0

Giant’s Snowballs

Giant’s Snowballs by Bryan Fazekas, published in & Magazine Issue 8 These 2′ diameter snowballs detect as magical, and observers will note that they will not melt in above freezing temperatures. When thrown by...