Bead of Misdirection

Bead of Misdirection

by Bryan Fazekas

This crystal ball is about 2 inches in diameter, and if examined closely a smoky smudge can be seen in the center. If thrown forcefully against a hard surface, it will shatter, releasing a burst of blinding light and a puff of grey smoke.

All creatures except the bearer within 40′ which are looking at the bead when it shatters must save vs. paralyzation or be blinded for 1 round. Creatures looking directly at the bead must save at -3. In twilight situations the saving throw is worsened by 2, and if in near darkness the save is at an additional -4 and the blindness lasts 2 rounds.

The puff of smoke lasts but a round and hides any creature within 3′ of the site of the explosion for the duration.

This item is typically used for escape, to blind and misdirect the bearer’s foes for just long enough to effect an escape. It can certainly be used for other purposes.

GP value 500

XP value 100

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