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Gendin’s Journal – The Builders 0

Gendin’s Journal – The Builders

a page from the journal of Gendin, son of Arissa and Temone of the dwarven Clan Gilderlo Author’s note: Continents such as Trivana are considered “worlds” by their inhabitants, while the world is referred...

Shade of Trelhaem 0

Shade of Trelhaem

This NPC was useful just once. He provided the party with important information and set the stage for a follow-on adventure. That “prophesy” thing was FAR too much fun! I may revive this NPC...

Reaper 0


I invented the Reaper after reading the Elfstones of Shannara. It’s an interesting idea but I’ve never had a group get strong enough to go up against it. Eventually … Reaper Singular Demon Frequency:...

Is’Sel, Demon Princess 0

Is’Sel, Demon Princess

Is’Sel has appeared in name in my campaigns — she’s cropped up as Jxtl’s sometimes consort, and dangerous in her own right. I’ve never come up with a good story line that involves her...

Jxtl, Demon Prince 0

Jxtl, Demon Prince

 Jxtl was the chief demon in charge — while he didn’t rule the entire Abyss, he was strong enough to control some of the most powerful planes. His allies were among the most powerful...

Gilmedya 0


Gill was just plain fun! She bailed the original campaign party out of a tough situation, in the process she slaughtered a pair of seladaemon, creatures tough enough to give a 10th level party...