Rod of Seven Parts

Author’s Note: The search for the Rod of Seven Parts kept my first campaign VERY busy for about 6 months real time. Originally, I planned to let one of the characters keep it, but decided, after much consideration, that the Rod was FAR too much for a character to have. So Ptah got the rod, trashed his opponents, and generally stopped a major war between the gods. Then he broke the Rod up and scattered it across the multiverse and that was that.

I later put other artifacts into my campaigns, but these were less powerful and more balanced. In this case the party never got to use the full powers, so it kept things in balance while teaching me a valuable lesson as a DM.

The Rod of Seven Parts was created by the Wind Mages of Karik for the High King of the Gnomes, Gonklyn. It was a gift to repay a favor done, the details of which were unknown even at the time. The Rod was passed down the line, from father to son, as each in turn grew too old to maintain the throne.

The Rod was lost during the Sack of the Northern Kingdoms, the High King at that time being Mengon IV. It was buried with him when the city Marnio was destroyed in the cataclysm that marked the end of the Sack, also known as the Wars of Rendelshod.

The Dwarven Lord Bolo sought and found the Rod in the ruins of the once great city and returned with it to defend his remaining people from a force of Black Elves and Subterranean Orc mercenaries. Bolo returned at the height of the final battle and used the Rod to defeat the enemy forces.

Upon the end of the battle the Rod of Seven Parts broke up and scattered across the Planes. Since that time different pieces have shown up, but quickly disappeared back into obscurity.

No two sections of the Rod were ever joined until the Lord-Mage Susafras led the Council of Rendelshod across the Planes in finding the pieces. He gave the Rod to his patron deity Ptah, who used it to end a major war between the Gods. Upon using it thus the Rod broke up and is again scattered across the Planes.



1 & 2 touch kills any plant or plant like creature, no saving throw
2 & 3 possessor immune to Charm and Hold spells
3 & 4 cast Audible Glamour 3 times per day
4 & 5 cast Lightning Bolt twice per day (at level of holder)
5 & 6 cast Wall of Fire 2 times per day
6 & 7 cast Fireball twice per day (at level of holder)

The possession of any part causes the possessor to eat 6 times normal amount.

When all parts are joined the following powers and effects are gained:

  • Cast Levitate 3 times per day
  • Cast Hold on any creature once per day
  • Possessor’s hair turns bright blue
  • Possessor gets acne on face

In addition, the following prime powers are gained:

  • Magic resistance of 40%, which adds onto any existing magic resistance. Duration is 1 turn and can be used once per day.
  • Total immunity to mental and psionic attacks, having a 1 turn duration, usable once per day.
  • Improves armor class by 5 points whenever held.
  • When used as a quarterstaff, acts as a Staff +6, striking for 10d10 points of damage.
  • All basic powers are available at will, and the holder can use any one each round.

Whenever a prime power is used all friendly creatures within 20′ radius suffer 2d8 points of damage, and there is a 15% chance that the Rod will break up and scatter.

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