Gems of Explosion

Gems of Explosion

by Bryan Fazekas, published in & Magazine Issue 3

These gems are of 100 gp base value and are noticeable only for the quality of the stone and the cut. They detect as magical and if held for 2 segments will begin to glow with an inner light that illuminates a 5’ radius.

Once a gem starts glowing it may be accurately thrown up to 60’ and will explode upon impact for 8d6 points of damage of different types (see below). All creatures within 20’ of the impact may save vs. Breath Weapon for half damage.

There are numerous types of gems – each created from a different base gemstone and each glowing with a characteristic light.

Gem Type Color / Effect
Acid This stone is black onyx and the light emitted is similar to a black light. The light will enhance ultravision.
Cold This stone is chalcedony and glows with a cold white light.
Fire This gem is carnelian and glows with reddish light, slightly dimmer than a Light spell.
Lightning This gem is jasper and glows light daylight, although it flickers.
Pain These rarest gems, bloodstones, inflict pain as well as damage. All in the area must also save vs. Wands or be unable to make any action. A successful save allows the victim to move, but spell casting is impossible and attacks are at -4. The light given off is a sickly reddish hue.
Detonator This gem is rock crystal that glows with light blue light, and the effect is identical to a Crystal Spray spell. [See Spell Caster’s Paradise on page 60, & Magazine Issue 3]

Note that if the gem is placed on a surface or in a pocket, within 2 segments it will stop glowing and will no longer explode upon impact. Also note that there is a 1% cumulative chance per time that a gem is activated that it will explode after 3 segments, even if it is not thrown. Thus using a Gem of Explosion as a light source has disadvantages.

Normally 2d6 gems of various types will be found.

GP value 1,600

XP value 400

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