Gem of Scroll Reading

Gem of Scroll Reading

by Bryan Fazekas, published in & Magazine Issue 12

This small, whitish-translucent gem is greatly sought after by spell casters. The gem is 3 inches wide,1 inch tall, and 1/2 inch thick, with flat bottom and top. It is usable only by spell casters (cleric, druid, magic user, illusionist); if one side is placed against printed matter the gem makes the writing readable as if Comprehend Languages is cast. If placed upon a scroll or other magical writing, it acts as if Read Magic is cast as well.

Spells on unknown scrolls may be cast by reading through the gems. If the spell is within the caster’s ability (same class, of a level the caster can normally use) the casting time is normal as is the chance of success. If the spell is above the caster’s level there is a 5% chance per level of difference of spell failure, e.g., if a 9th level magic user tries to read a Wish spell (which is available at 18th level) there is a (18 – 9) * 5% = 45% chance of spell failure.

More startlingly, the caster may attempt to read scroll spells of other classes. The casting time is twice normal and there is a higher chance of spell failure. This chance is 10% + 5%/level of the level required to cast the spell. For example if a magic-user tries to read Cure Light Wounds (clerics gain at 1st level) there is a 10% + (5% * 1) = 15% chance of spell failure. If that magic-user tries to cast Raise Dead (clerics gain at 9th level) there is a 10% + (5% * 9) = 55% chance of spell failure. If there is a failure while reading a spell of a different class, the gem explodes and inflicts 2d4 hp of damage upon the reader, and they must save vs. Paralyzation for be blinded for 6d6 turns.

GP value 35,000

XP value 3,000

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