Writings of the Archmage Ignatz

Author’s Note: I wrote this during a fit of creativity, planning to use the Demonomicon as the focus for several adventures. I didn’t go through with that plan, although I don’t remember why not.

The Archmage Ignatz is mostly remembered for being a fool who thought he got the better of a demon prince. To his chagrin, which was short lived, he did not succeed. Ignatz is also remembered for his writings about the use of flowers in making potions.

Ignatz was born over 2,000 years after the Sack of the Northern Kingdoms, and was believed to be nearly 150 when Jxtl killed him. The destruction of his material body cost Jxtl his position in the Abyss, which took him nearly 800 years to recover. He has been quoted as saying that Ignatz got off FAR too easily!

Final Diary of the Archmage Ignatz

And so the demon, Jxtl, left himself vulnerable to my spell. He was encapsulated in the urn and I simply transported him back to my home.

Once there I picked his brain for magically related information. I little comprehended the import of what he told me, leading to my downfall. Having intelligence near to that of a god, far greater than my own, he quickly understood the exacts of the spell I used to trap him, and set about devising a way to trick me into freeing him.

Over a period of nearly 50 years he fed me information related to that which might release him, and my own foolish experimentation with that I did not fully understand released the bonds I had so carefully woven.

He attacked me from surprise, I not realizing I had revoked my own magic. My servitors strove to aid me but he quickly destroyed even the most potent of them. But they did buy me enough time to kills his material body, forcing him to flee. But I overextended myself and will soon perish.

He will suffer in torment in the Abyss for centuries to come, but will eventually regain his power. In the end he has won, for I will be dust.

My beloved also suffers a horrid fate, but at least she will survive the centuries. I have prepared, with my last strength, a place for her to rest where she will be safe and may in turn guard my treasures though the centuries to come. Most importantly, I leave a copy of my Demonomicon for her to guard, the other five copies destroyed so they might not fall into evil hands.

Should any find her resting place I pity them. I have also left terrible guards to end the lives of interlopers.

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