Writings of the Archmage Kold-Robi

Author’s Note: This pastiche was written regarding Gilmedya, one of the most powerful nycadaemons alive. I later restyled her as a shaxadaemon, as I replaced the daemons that Wizards of the Coast excluded from the Open Gaming License. While I publish under Fair Use, not the OGL, it seemed like a good idea and I produced what is, in my opinion, a better fleshed out monster.

The major daemons have a “use name” which is often the first syllable of their full name, which is well guarded. By this convention, Gill is Gilmedya’s use name.

The Lord Archmage Kold-Robi is most noted for possessing the Star & Sword that still bear his name. Although he did not create that matched set of artifacts, he retrieved them from the vaults of the Demon Prince Jxtl, and later lost his life defending his people from a force of undead.

Kold-Robi was born approximately 2,700 years after the Sack of the Northern Kingdoms. He rose to power as a soldier and wizard and led a successful incursion into the domain of Jxtl, severely weakening the demon who had supplanted Jxtl when his material form was destroyed by the Archmage Ignatz. Jxtl later destroyed his weakened rival, but in typical demon fashion felt outrage that a mortal invaded his domain. It appears that Jxtl supported the undead incursion in which Kold-Robi cost his life.

Diary of Kold-Robi, regarding Gill

There she stood, Gill, a nycadaemon, arguing with an ultrodaemon that my life be spared. Her stock with the other daemons was such that soon others backed him, and me.

The ultrodaemon at last lost his patience. He ordered Gill away. The nycadaemon grudgingly turned and left. When she was forty feet away the ultrodaemon attacked she who would dispute so vigorously his rulings!

The ultrodaemon discovered to his dismay that for the last twenty minutes he had argued with an illusion, an image. Gill struck back the way she had been attacked: from behind!

So as not to give the Supreme a chance to further use his spell abilities, Gill struck with her great sword. The ultrodaemon was not the warrior that any nycadaemon is and quickly went down.

This short battle spawned a riot, as Gill’s supporters quickly attacked those who had supported the ultrodaemon!

Gill grabbed me, all trussed up, threw me over her shoulder with the bag containing my Sword, Star, and armor, and fled. She outran the outraged mob and when she had sufficient distance, shifted us to Gehenna.

She knew of a Gate that would lead to Trivana, and while she could not use it I could. Once there I used the last of my spells to bring her to me and we traveled to my home …

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