Writings of Other Sages

Following are other accounts written by lesser known or completely unknown sages.

Panamon Creel

Panamon Creel was born in the year 7866 ASNK, into a family of great prestige and hone, but little wealth remaining. Being of high nobility he spent much of his youth in the Palace of Refuge. He grew up close friends with Deley Porsupah, nephew of the king, Keken Miltoat.

Training early together in the arts of war, they went to war against Nequat. In vicious fighting both showed great skill and courage. Each received battle field honors for their courage and skill.

Upon completion of the war Creel returned home to find his father dead and the little remained of the estate gone to pay creditors. With no family or support he left Refuge for a life of adventure at the tender age of 22. His life away from Refuge is still largely unknown.

Miltoat employed strict measures during the four years that the war with Nequat lasted. Becoming paranoid with age, Miltoat failed to repeal the measures imposed by war. In the following five years further measures were added to the already strict ones.

A number of important and influential people spoke to the king, and when no results were gained, spoke openly. The most outspoken were imprisoned on trumped up charges, or no charges at all. When that did not quiet the noisy voices more arrests were made, and some executions.

Among the arrests were his nephew Deley. Deley spent several years imprisoned when Creel returned to Refuge.

This was not the Panamon Creel of old. He looked more worn that typically does a man of thirty, and his left had was replaced by a pike. Hearing of his friend’s plight he staged a lone assault on the castle and succeeded in releasing and escaping with Deley and other important prisoners.

Miltoat believed the Assassins Guild was responsible and began a vicious war upon that organization. Three months later the war ended abruptly with the death of the king and his entire family. Gone also were the entire hierarchy of the Guild, a blow it never recovered from.

His uncle dead, Deley emerged from hiding and assumed the throne. He released all surviving political prisoners and established a fair law system, repealing all the harsh measures implemented by his unlamented uncle. He has ruled since that time with Creel at his right hand.

Author’s Note: This description was provided to the characters of my second campaign. This party included a paladin and (of course) was good aligned. They worked periodically for Creel (named for the Terry Brooks character) and became favorites of his.

This character was an inside joke — VERY inside, known only to the DM (me)!

After the destruction of the original assassins guild, Creel rebuilt it and became the guildmaster! Since Creel was a great actor and the paladin never thought to Detect Evil on his great friend and patron, things went on for years of game time with a paladin happily working for the Grandfather of Assassins! Most enjoyable was the look on the player’s face when I finally told him who his character’s mentor actually was! ROFL!

DMs are the most sadistic and cruel people imaginable, aren’t we?

Notes of the Strange Visitor

Written by Sheen O’Fally, noted Halfling sage.

Strange he was, though he appeared a normal human. He knew not any of the languages known to me (which are many) but learned the common trade tongue in but a week.

He eventually managed to explain to me what he is and how he came to be here, though I was surprised at how much better I understood the latter than he. His world is a strange one, and he had to invent many words to describe things not of this world.

After spending many months in discussions he decided to search for a way to his home. Having nothing nearly quite as interesting as this human, named Ecee, I decided to travel with him.

We visited sages in many cities in search of a gate or other way to his home world, but success eluded us. Finally we received word of a possible nexus, or gateway to many places, and set off in search of it. Its location is reputed to be some where in the Krin-Hilmas mountains.

I leave this journal in the case that I do not return. The trip is likely to have many dangers, and I might just go with him through the nexus, as other worlds will be far more interesting to me than this one.

Author’s Note: This fragment of an obscure writing introduced the concept of the Nexus Portal to the first campaign I ran. It proved to be an interesting way to getting the party to hunt for the Nexus. While I didn’t do as much as I intended with the Nexus, it is proving to be an and crucial part of my current campaign in which my sons play.

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