Gendin’s Journal – Who Am I?

a page from the journal of Gendin, son of Arissa and Temone of the dwarven Clan Gilderlo


Who Am I?

June, 1443 AWR

I am Gendin, son of Arissa and Temone of the dwarven Clan Gilderlo. I write this journal to record events important to myself and possibly to future generations. None shall read this during my lifetime, but once I have passed from this world, this journal will be available.

I was known in my youth as the Assassin of Sathea, a name I earned. My father was the master of Red Owl of Sathea, an organization formed by the famed killer Gimlock after the Council of Rendelshod disappeared. Gisine, daughter of Meselda and Thorin of the Clan Gilderlo, was the first Master of Red Owl. The leadership of Red Owl has passed down through her direct descendants for over thirteen centuries until now.

In my eighty-eighth year I retrieved and accepted the Sword of Cieldren and in doing so accepted the mantle of Champion of Cieldren. I freed my god from his servitude and slew his brother Reamon, who had made him captive. The man I had been was no more — being in the service of my god changed me profoundly. I continue to excel at the arts of combat, but no longer kill for a sack of gold and gems. I fight for the protection of the dwarven people.

With my father’s death, Red Owl disbanded. I had a new calling, and even if I didn’t, I had no more stomach for murder. Killing does not bother me, but I’ll not kill simply because someone else paid me.

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