Gendin’s Journal

February 2021

When I fleshed out my first campaign world, Trivana, in the early 1980’s, I wrote in the voice of various sages and historians to provide a high level description of some events that shaped the world. I’m doing the same thing again, using Gendin’s journal as a vehicle for comments on historical events and people, and to provide background for more recent events.┬áThis will include brief biographies of major players in the world.

Who is Gendin of the dwarven Clan Gilderlo?

Gendin, son of Arissa and Temone of the Clan Gilderlo, started adult life as an assassin in a long line of assassins. The dwarven god Cieldren saw something in the murderer that none others did, and chose him to become his champion. Gendin went on to find the fabled Sword of Cieldren, the weapon of the champions, and to free Cieldren from captivity.

He was later instrumental in bringing the Council of Rendelshod forward in time, and with their help he slew the demon lord Jxtl in his fortress in the Abyss. After passing the Sword of Cieldren to his successor, Lisabet (the first female Champion), he joined the Council of Rendelshod and fought along side them for over a century, after which he retired to a quiet life in the city of Rendelshod.

Gendin is a direct descendent of Meselda and Thorin, founders of the Clan Gilderlo and founding members of the Council of Rendelshod. The Council was disappeared 1,380 years ago and was believed killed. Actually, they were brought forward in time by Gendin’s accidental action, so he got the opportunity to interact with his oldest known ancestors. He refers to Meselda, Thorin, their daughter Gisine (whom Gendin is descended from), and┬átheir son Baldor as his “great great and then some” grandparents or uncle (in Baldor’s case).

Years in the calendar are normally counted from the year the reformed Lords of Rendelshod defeated the demon lord Jxtl. This is referred to After the Wars of Rendelshod, abbreviated AWR. The previous calendar was counted from the ending of the original wars of Rendelshod, which was punctuated by the sack of the northern kingdoms 7,926 years prior. This calendar is abbreviated ASNK, After the Sack of the Northern Kingdoms.

Much of the above lore is mentioned in the writings of other sages, and I’ll be filling in gaps in coming months.

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