Giant’s Snowballs

Giant’s Snowballs

by Bryan Fazekas, published in & Magazine Issue 8

These 2′ diameter snowballs detect as magical, and observers will note that they will not melt in above freezing temperatures. When thrown by a being of 21 strength or greater, they detonate on impact in a 20′ radius blast of ice. Any creature struck by the snowball suffers 3d6 points of impact damage. All creatures in the blast radius, including any creature struck, suffer 6d6 point of cold damage, save vs. spells for half.

These snowballs always detonate when thrown. If the target is missed the DM should track what the missile hits and what creatures are within the blast radius.

If exposed to temperatures of 70F or greater for 1 turn a snowball detonates.

GP value 2,500
XP value 500

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