Gill was just plain fun! She bailed the original campaign party out of a tough situation, in the process she slaughtered a pair of seladaemon, creatures tough enough to give a 10th level party a sense of mortality. THAT convinced the party that they didn’t want to mess with her. It took a fair amount to convince them that she was friendly.

I revived her for the current campaign (summer 2006). The party doesn’t really understand what she is, only that she’s a daemon and that she bailed them out of a tough spot. They don’t know why she helped them and I’m not filling them in any time soon. Makes for fun when the party is wondering, “Whut thu hell?”.

Note that Gill was originally statted as a nycadaemon, but I altered her to be a shaxadaemon. It seemed more fitting for her to be one of the Shedim, the five ancient daemon races of my campaign world.


Singular Daemon

Frequency unique
No. App. 1
AC -4
Move 180′ / 240′ (MC:C)
Hit Dice 12 (132 hp)
% in Lair 0%
Treasure Type Q x10, X
No. of Attacks 2
Damage/Attack 2d8, 2d8, or 2x by weapon +8
Special Attacks as per shaxadaemon
Special Defenses as per shaxadaemon
Magic Resistance as per shaxadaemon
Intelligence genius
Alignment Neutral (LE tendencies)
Size L (9′ tall)

Gilmedya is one of the two most powerful shaxadaemon in existence. She and Ben (real name unknown) are the only two shaxadaemon whose mortal forms have never been slain, so their individual power has never been diminished.

Note that her use name is “Gill”, and her real name has been known only to a very few wizards whom she had the utmost trust.

She is a singular daemon in every aspect. Her most significant divergence from her race’s norm is that instead of being Neutral Evil, she is Neutral with Lawful Evil leanings. If she had not hidden her odd tendencies during her formative centuries, she would have been slain out of hand. The Shedim are not known for tolerating divergences from their norm.

Gill is a mercenary, and while she has unsavory habits (to daemon-kind), her personal prowess with weapons and magic are highly valued, as are her abilities to plan battle campaigns and command mixed troops. While in the pay of various personages of the Lower Planes she has commanded entire armies, and no army she commanded has lost. Gill has no fixed home and is often not welcome on her home plane, due to her personal proclivities, and the fact that most of the remaining powerful shaxadaemon have lost wars to her.

From a daemon point of view, her most unsavory habit is that she forms friendships with mortals, especially Human and Elven wizards. While in her fifteen eons of existence she has been friendly with many wizards, her closest friends were the Lord-Archmage Kold-Robi and the Lord-Archmage Susafras.

In addition to her normal shaxadaemon magical abilities, Gill has magic-user abilities at 12th level. She typically carries a set of traveling books with her and is reputed to have hidden books containing all known (and many unknown) magic spells.

Gill always carries a large Sword +5, with which she deals out 2d6+8 or 3d6+8 points of damage to small-medium and large creatures, respectively. She usually carries a Large Shield +5 which lowers her armor class to -10. In addition, she may carry other magical weapons (including various bows) and 1d4+1 other miscellaneous magic items.

Bravery and integrity are two things that most impress Gill. She may offer friendship to fighter/magic-users who display both, although for obvious reasons Good characters, especially Chaotic Good ones, may find her friendship too startling to accept.

Note: Most remaining shaxadaemon are female, with only a handful of males remaining. Sages use the terms “male” and “female” for two of the three daemon sexes, as that is the closest explanation they can make. The third sex, xtzhrlwnvz (ext-zurl-wun-viz) were all killed before the first Wars of Rendelshod, so the Shedim races are slowly dying off as their members die.

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