Is’Sel, Demon Princess

Is’Sel has appeared in name in my campaigns — she’s cropped up as Jxtl’s sometimes consort, and dangerous in her own right. I’ve never come up with a good story line that involves her but may do something with demon worshippers that follow her. This, of course, means I’ll need to make up a more detailed mythology for her …


Demon Princess

Frequency: unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -6
Move: 18o’/24o’ (MC:C)
Hit Dice: 172 hp (attacks as 25 HD)
% in Lair: 25%
Treasure Type: STWX
No. of Attacks: 4
Damage/Attack: 1d8 + 11 (x4)
Special Attacks: disarm opponent on natural 20
Special Defenses: +2 weapon to hit
Magic Resistance: 70%
Intelligence: supra-genius
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: M (6′)
Psionic Ability: 210
Attack/Defense: all/all

Is’Sel, at first glance, appears to be a 6′ tall human woman, but only at first glance. Upon closer inspection the differences are clear: her skin is pure white as is her hair, and in contrast her eyes are flat, lusterless, black orbs. She rules an entire plane of the Abyss.

Is’Sel has the strength of a Stone Giant, making 4 attacks her round with the two long swords she carries. On a natural 20 any opponent must save vs. Wands or be disarmed. This is a natural skill, not a magical ability. She typically carries a Long Sword +3 and a Long Sword +3 of Stunning.

Is’Sel can use the following -powers at will, one per round: Infravision, Darkness 25′ Radius, Detect Good, Hold Person, Silence 15′ Radius, Comprehend Languages, Sleep, Detect Invisible, Detect Illusion, Fear, Spectral Forces, and Confusion.

The following powers can be each used, one per round, a limited number of times each day: Prismatic Wall (1), Projected Image (1), Maze (1), Phantasmal Killer (1), Improved Invisibility (3), Wall of Force (1), Transmute Rock to Mud (2), Magic Missile (5 die) (1), Symbol of Stunning (1), Symbol of Insanity (1), Command (1), Gate (100% chance of success) 1d6 Chasme (6).

She is never encountered alone. Accompanying her will be 1d3 Type IV Demons or 3d4 Rutterkins, with equal chance for either. Occasionally (10%) she may be encountered with Jxtl, her only ally, and his retinue.

She has little fear of mortals, but usually chooses to use servitors to do her fighting. She prefers to stand in the background and use her powers to tip the odds.

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