I invented the Reaper after reading the Elfstones of Shannara. It’s an interesting idea but I’ve never had a group get strong enough to go up against it. Eventually …


Singular Demon

Frequency: unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -10
Move: 90′
Hit Dice: 35 (221 hp)
% in Lair: nil
Treasure Type: nil
No. of Attacks: 2
Damage/Attack: 4d6, 4d6
Special Attacks: rending, silent movement/surprise, fear
Special Defenses: partial spell immunity, +4 weapon to hit, regeneration
Magic Resistance: 90%
Intelligence: high
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: L (8′)

The Reaper is the single most dangerous creature known. It surpasses the most powerful demon lords, though it rules no plane. Instead, it wanders. It has only one purpose — to kill any living creature it meets.

In appearance the Reaper is humanoid, standing 8′ tall. It wears a black robe with a cowl and the only visible parts are the heavily clawed, reptilian feet and large human-like hands, also heavily clawed. The visible skin is scaly and black. The face is unknown as only its victims ever see it, and dead men tell no tales.

It travels the planes at will, slaying every living creature it meets. Although more than capable of mass combat, it typically meets its victims alone. It has been known to do favors for some demon lords, but its reasons for doing so are as mysterious as itself.

In combat the Reaper attacks a single character, attacking as a 35 HD monster. If both claws hit and both “to hit” rolls are at least 5 over the minimum necessary to hit the Reapers draws its victim to itself and has the chance of a 15th level assassin’s assassination of shredding and killing its opponent. In this process the Reaper absorbs the life energy from its hapless victim and destruction is permanent.

One half of the victim’s total hit points will be added to the Reaper’s, healing its damage and possibly temporarily increasing its hit points above its normal maximum. There is no limit to the additional hit points, but the points start fading at a rate of 1 hp per round starting 1 turn after receiving them. In combat against 0 level characters or creatures of less than 1 HD the reaper can destroy 20 per round.

Once a victim is destroyed the Reaper selects another opponent. If reduced to less than 100 hit points, it will flee through the planes, although once healed it will specially seek those who harmed it.

The Reaper continually radiates Fear in a 25′ Radius, automatically paralyzing all creatures of 7 HD/levels or less for 2d4+2 rounds. Creatures of higher level get the benefit of a saving throw vs. Fear, failing indicating paralyzation for 1d4+1 rounds. The Reaper’s other powers are Darkness 25′ Radius at will and, Teleport and Plane Shift once each per day.

Weapons of +4 enchantment are required to harm the reaper. Weapons of +5 or greater enchantment cause full damage, while +4 weapons cause half damage. The Reaper moves in total silence, surprising 1 in 20, and regenerates 1 hp per round.

Because it is a wanderer with no home, the Reaper may be slain on any plane, although this is not an easy task. But even in death the Reaper gains revenge, for upon death the body begins smoldering. Three rounds after death the body explodes as a 30 die Delayed Blast Fireball. Creatures immune to fire will still take 10d4 points of damage from the blast.

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