Ryflorin, Demon Prince

I invented this one with a need in mind … but he got put on a back burner. I think I was planning a story line involving competing demon lords but can’t remember where I planned to go with it. In any case, it went nowhere.


Demon Prince

Frequency: unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -7
Move: 120′
Hit Dice: 127 hp (attacks as 20 HD)
% in Lair: 25%
Treasure Type: AU
No. of Attacks: 3
Damage/Attack: 1d4+1d6 + 3 (x3)
Special Attacks: +2 on initiative
Special Defenses: musk, +2 weapon to hit
Magic Resistance: 65%
Intelligence: supra-genius
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: L (11′ tall)
Psionic Ability: 207
Attack/Defense: all/all

Ryflorin appears as a humanoid of hill giant size. He has the strength of a hill giant, using this to great effect in combat. He fights with a Two Handed Sword +3, although the sword has no additional special abilities. Ryflorin, for all his size and bulk, is very quick, giving him +2 on initiative, which is rolled separately from his retinue.

When aroused in combat he gives off a very strong musk from his green, scaly skin, which has the effect of a Stinking Cloud in a 25′ radius. Creatures in the area of effect must save each round, and if the save is successful, they fight at -2 to hit.

He has the following powers usable at will, one per round: Darkness 15′ Radius, Infravision, Dancing Lights, Command, Pyrotechnics, Detect Magic, Detect Illusion, Hold Person, and Fear.

In addition, Ryflorin has other powers that can be used once per day each, one per round: Power Word Stun, Meteor Swarm, Emotion, Gate 1d2 Type VI demons or1d4+1 Type 2 demons with equal chance for either.

As is common with Demon Princes, Ryflorin is never encountered alone. There will always be 1d4+2 Type I demons and 1d4+1 Type II demons with him.

Even among demons Ryflorin is considered a coward. With a great number of servitors against lesser odds he shows great bravery, but against equal odds he quickly runs away leaving his servitors to die in his place rather than risk himself in any way.

Should he be cornered with no escape possible he will go berserk, blindly attacking any creature in range, friend and foe alike. In this berserk state he acts as if Hasted and his strength increases to that of a fire giant, giving him and additional +3 damage and +4 to hit. For this reason, his servitors fear him, for he is the embodiment of Chaotic Evil.

Ruling an entire plane of the Abyss, Ryflorin has no allies. He has earned the contempt and distrust of all other Demon Princes and Lords, especially Jxtl and Is’Sel.

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