Artifacts & Relics

Artifacts & Relics are special magic items with powers beyond that of typical enchanted objects.

Typically they are singular items, although in a few cases the artifacts were produced in sets. Artifacts & Relics have the some things in common:

  • Have a notable creation story that is far from typical.
  • Embody powers beyond that of typical magic items.
  • Usage has drawbacks that may cause undesired side effects or serious harm to the wielder.
  • May be as dangerous for the wielder as for those the artifact is used against!
  • Are nigh to impossible to destroy.

Most characters want to possess an artifact, although that desire may change once they have it. All artifacts have banes, some minor and some not-so-minor. Player characters who acquire an artifact may be forced to decide if the benefits sufficiently outweigh the drawbacks!

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