Kersichay, The Black Wizard

Kersichay appeared in two of my campaigns, initially in the original Rendelshod campaign as a sage the party consulted a few times. In a later campaign I taught my players how much a mistake it is treat a current character as having the knowledge of other characters from a previous campaign. In this case a 5th level Paladin tried to treat Kersichay in the same fashion the player’s 12th level magic user did — the paladin was FAR too familiar with a very dangerous and unpredictable NPC.

Kersichay drove a glass dagger into the paladin’s heart and vanished it. The paladin was told that if he further irritated Kersichay the dagger would reappear with quite fatal results. To get the dagger removed the party was required to go on a somewhat strenuous quest.

Expensive visits to other wizards, clerics, and sages not only determined that they couldn’t remove the dagger, none could even be sure it was there!

If anyone has read the story “What Good Is A Glass Dagger”, they know the situation. The entire thing was an illusion — there was no glass dagger. ROFL!

This went on for years of game time, and months of real time. Finally the quest was completed and Kersichay “removed” the dagger and sent the paladin on his way. I later told the party what I did — the jaw dropping action dented the table in several spots. The guy who ran the paladin was *quite* vexed with me and everyone else LOVED the joke!

Kersichay, The Black Wizard

Frequency: Unique
No. App.: 1
AC: -6
Move: 120′
Hit Dice: 25th level magic user
% in Lair: 95%
Treasure Type: varies
No. of Attacks: 1
Damage/Attack: 1d6+4
Special Attacks: spells
Special Defenses: spell resistance
Magic Resistance: standard
Intelligence: Very High
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: M (5′)

Strength: 12; intelligence; 19; wisdom: 14; Constitution: 16; Dexterity: 16; Charisma: 14; Comeliness 8.

Kersichay is a human archmage who serves, and has served the demi-god Abuna for over 1,000 year. Because of his faithfulness Kersichay has been granted unusual longevity and special spell abilities. Although less active in recent centuries, he is found most often in his tower in the Mithril Mountains.

Although not especially skilled in personal combat, Kersichay carries Staff of Lightning +4 and a Dagger +4 with unknown other abilities. He will avoid personal combat, preferring to use spells at a distance, but will not sacrifice his servants just to save his own life.

Kersichay saves vs. fire, cold, and lightning at +4, taking half damage from all effects. Magic Missiles fail 20% of the time against him, and a successful save vs. Magic indicates that he takes half damage. The side effect of this ability is that he, himself, cannot use the Magic Missile spell.

In addition to his normal spell complement, Abuna grants Kersichay certain spell abilities usable one per round: Light or Darkness (a), Continual Light or Darkness (4), Tongues (3), True Seeing (1), Insect Plague (1), Heal (3), Control Weather (1), Earthquake (1), and Creeping Doom (1).

He typically wears Bracers of Defense AC2, a Ring of Protection +4, a Cloak of Protection +4, a Ring of Feather Fall, and 3 Ioun Stones that each store 7 spell levels each.

Although his servants turn away most visitors, Kersichay is a sage with a major field of Supernatural & Unusual, with minor fields of Flora & Fauna. Because of the length of time spent researching all categories are treated as “special”.

Kersichay’s prices for information are stiff, and may not always be in the form of goods. He may demand a quest in payment for services. His extensive knowledge and even more extensive library made his services worth the price for unusual or important information.

Unfortunately Kersichay is known to be moody and sometimes very touchy. Depending on how greatly he is upset or insulted he may simply send the offender away, or may plane shift them into Hell.

Kersichay has developed special spells for summoning Devils to aid him. Each spell requires 1 segment per spell level to complete. The chance that the summoned devils will be well disposed towards him is equal to 90% minus the hit dice of the creatures.

Level 6 Spell: summon 3d4 devils of 1 to 4+3 HD

Level 7 Spell: summon 2d4 devils of 4+4 to 8+3 HD

Level 8 Spell: summon 1d3 devils of 8+4 to 12+3 HD

Level 9 Spell: summon 1 devil of 12+4 to 16+3 HD.

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