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Pyung Pantheon

This page describes all the deities of the Pyung pantheon. Table of Contents Lawful Good Athena (Greater God) Fortubo (Lesser God) Kuan Yin (Demi-God) Ukko (Demi-God) Neutral Good Balder (Lesser God) Celestian, the Far...

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Anaxios Pantheon

This page describes the deities of the Anaxios pantheon. Table of Contents Lawful Good Donblas (Greater God) Heironeous, the Invincible (Demi-God) Osiris (Lesser God) Neutral Good Demeter (Greater God) Ehlonna (Greater God) Lydia (Demi-God)...

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This document describes the deities of The World, and Trivana specifically. It provides a complete list of all the Greater and Lesser gods, and a fairly complete list of Demi-Gods. In addition to the...